Friday, July 21, 2017

Support Through Amazon

     My greatest joy and passion in life is being able to provide beauty and inspiration to everyone through my creative works. Photography, Writing and Art are my passions in life and my way of sharing the beauty of life in all kinds of ways. In order to continue to share my gifts with you, I could really use your help in getting the supplies I need. Much of my art supplies are drying up and living on a fixed income I just don't have the funds to replenish my supplies. I am in need of all kinds of supplies but I do not want anyone to send me cash donations. I feel that there are so many scams out there these days that when someone really is in need, people hesitate to help because they are unsure if the person is being sincere or trying to scam folks. 

Asking for help is not something I like to do and I am working in different ways to earn a living and be able to get supplies myself. Sometimes it takes time to get your art out into the world. I would love to earn a living using my photography, art and writing because these are the things that I am good at. When you have a challenging disability like I do, It is extremely difficult to find part time work with employers willing to hire me regardless of my disability. Now, I don't even have transportation and one of the reasons I want to be able to sell my work is so I can purchase another vehicle. Having transportation is something that will dramatically change my life in a positive way and will help me to become much more independent. 

     Below, I have links to my Amazon wish lists where I hope someone will be willing to help me by purchasing some of the items I am in need of and sending it to my home. I will post my home address below that and how you can contact me through email or fb.  When you get to my wish list page, On the left is the link to my other two wish links. With each item I explained why those items are important to me. If you are able to help me with my wish lists I will be extremely grateful. My situation is really a tough one and not having transportation is affecting my health both physically and emotionally. If asked, I am more than willing to somehow proof my situation if need be. You can view my photography and art here on my blog by clicking the links on the right. You can also view articles I have written on Niume or support my work on Patreon all which you can click on the links on the right. 

      Thank you all so much for your time and for any help that you can provide. God Bless you! 

My Amazon Wish Lists. There are three Lists and my art list is shown first. 

 Art Wish List:

Photography Wish List:

Home Wish List:

My Home Address for shipments:
Amada Gonzalez
60 Cedar St. Apt. #1
Bangor, Maine 04401



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